ANCC Accreditation with Distinction Criteria Review: Quality Outcomes 3c

The third set of Accredited Provider Distinction Criteria builds on the standard Quality Outcomes criteria. There are three criteria within this group, and all three must be met for a provider to achieve “Distinction.”

The third criterion in this section (3c) states: 

Evidence demonstrates a process description and example that the Provider Unit has positively impacted the professional practice of nursing and has disseminated the knowledge forward (publication, poster/ podium presentation, research).

It’s all well and good to identify desired outcomes, measure them, and make adjustments to your NCPD program using the knowledge that you have gained in that process. That’s how the quality process works, after all.

But one of the things I love about working in healthcare continuing education, and the biggest reason that I have been in this field for twenty years, is that there is a larger community of practice. I’ve spent most of my career in very small offices of two or three people responsible for very large continuing education programs. But I’ve always been able to find support from the thousands of other people who are also working in very small offices who are willing and able to offer their experience as a guide.

What I learn in my program may be useful to you in your program, so I need to share that information with you somehow. This could be a scholarly article in a journal such as the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions. Or it could be a presentation at a conference on accreditation, either in the form of a poster or leading a live session.

The key thing is to share your successes in a manner that others can learn from you and possibly incorporate what you have learned into their programs. You have more experience in this field than you may realize, and you’ll be sharing with a community that will support you. But that community only works if we take the time to disseminate what we have learned in each of our NCPD programs. So take the risk. Step out of your comfort zone. Submit the abstract. You’ve got this.

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