Notes from the 2024 Alliance Annual Conference

The first week of February, the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp) met in New Orleans, LA, for their 2024 Annual Conference. There were 3 days of education and networking, with a little music and a few beignets to celebrate being in NOLA during Mardi Gras.

Key Takeaways:
  1. The process of standardizing our shared vocabulary is just that—a process. Definitions may exist, but adoption continues to be slow. The question remains whether to move forward with defining new terms, just trying to promote what’s been done so far, or to give up altogether. A big stumbling block may lie in the technology we use. If we have firm definitions for “learners” and “completers” and “attendees,” but our learning management systems can’t differentiate, it’s hard to report on those specifics
  2. Self-efficacy belief (SEB) has a significant impact on whether learners change their behavior. In order to act, you have to believe that you can, so education should be designed to support learners’ SEB
  3. Education is not in a silo. Changes in technology, funding, patients, providers, and the world all impact education. And education can also address those changes. When designing education, we need to think about the various systems in which we work
  4. Long conferences are a great opportunity to network and learn. They’re also, well, long. So maybe have puppies in the exhibit hall? Sadly, there were no puppies at ACEhp, but we did hear (and see pictures) from another conference that did, with the result of creating a space that was both fun and educational
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