Joint Accreditation Criteria Review: JAC1

JAC1 states: 

The provider has a continuing education (CE) mission statement that highlights education for the healthcare team with expected results articulated in terms of changes in skills/strategy, or performance of the healthcare team, and/or patient outcomes.

While a program could offer education just because, it’s useful to know why. What’s the goal? What’s the purpose? What is our mission? For most companies, this is different than the larger organization’s mission statement. This one is focused specifically on the educational program. What do we hope to achieve?

It is easy to make this criterion more difficult than it is. One could write a long, flowery mission statement. That’s fine. You can have a mission statement that speaks to your target audience and the types of activities you plan to offer and the geographic scope of your program. But you don’t have to do all of that.

This criterion asks for your mission statement to contain two primary things:

  1. We provide education for the healthcare team.
  2. We evaluate our activities based on how they impact the healthcare team.

Now, that second one does have a minimum requirement. You must evaluate the team’s skills and strategies. And the team does need to be evaluated. But exactly how you do that? That’s for other criteria. This criterion is for your mission statement alone, for the star that guides your program.

So if you already have a CE mission statement, read it. Does it already talk about the healthcare team? Does it need a little tweaking?

And if you’re starting from scratch, keep it simple. You don’t have to offer numerous details. It can be one or two sentences long.

And if you’re not planning to become accredited but you plan to work with an organization that holds JA, think about the activities that you are planning. Are they for the team? What is your evaluation process? Even if you don’t have a written mission statement such as what this criterion requires, you can keep this big picture in the back of your mind. That education should be for the healthcare team, and that this means the healthcare team should be evaluated.


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