Joint Accreditation Criteria Review: JAC6

The second grouping of JA criteria is headed Activity Planning and Evaluation. This set of 8 criteria focus on how individual activities are designed, implemented, and evaluated.

JAC6 states: 

The provider utilizes an integrated planning process that includes healthcare professionals who are reflective of the target audience the activity is designed to address.

This criterion brings us back to the purpose of JA. It’s about interprofessional education, or education for the team and by the team. A planning committee consisting of a radiologist, an oncologist, and a surgeon is all well and good, but it only consists of physicians. Others involved in patient care such as nurses, technicians, and PAs need to be involved in the planning process in order for an educational activity to truly be interprofessional.

Now, this is not to say that an organization that is accredited by JA can only provide interprofessional education. There are some activities that may be best for a single profession, so it’s fine for them to be planned by representatives of that profession. But if the activity is for multiple professions, it should be planned by representatives of those professions.

To meet this criterion, you need to review your planning process. Who is in control of the content? Who is your target audience? Do those 2 groups align? What changes do you need to make in order for that alignment to happen?

The good news about this criterion is that once you’ve set up an integrated planning process, it’s pretty easy to maintain. This is how you plan activities. Period. Someone wants to bend the rules you’ve set forward? Sorry. This is our policy. This is what is required for the activity to be accredited.

If you’re just starting the journey towards JA, you can look at your existing activities. Who are they for? Who plans them? The first time I assessed a program for JA, I realized there were several activities that probably were interprofessional. They had an interprofessional audience. So I reached out to my coordinators and asked for more details on how the activities were planned. Any chance they could add a person to that process going forward? It took a little legwork, but my program really did meet the threshold to apply for JA. And once those tweaks were made, it was just a matter of continuing with the adjusted planning committee.

I know that it becomes repetitive, but it is always a good reminder: JA is for the team and by the team. This criterion asks how you ensure that both parts of that intention are met.

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